People behind the brand #1 - Grete

We asked Grete a few questions, so we all could get to know her a little bit better.

What do you do at Suckõrs?
There is nothing that I don’t do at Suckõrs! I produce, pack, engrave, sell, market. In essence, I lead it. 

I have to admit though - we will be needing a few extra hands soon. If any computer-savvy people in Saaremaa are interested in the environment and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, let us know!

What does Suckõrs mean to you? 
Suckõrs offers a solution to the plastic problem that pains our world and does it while being in harmony with nature. Many things are hidden in the name - suck is what you do with a straw, kõrs means straw in Estonian to reflect our origin.

Besides, suckõrs sounds peculiar. Like what you would like to say to the unnecessary plastic industry.

Why do you enjoy doing what you do?
Why do I enjoy it? To be honest, I don’t always.

There are moments of happiness where we have managed to send out a larger order, invented a new machine that actually works or gotten unexpected awards.

Then again, we are only at the beginning of our journey and many of the challenges are not always enjoyable. It is the way things are when you are doing something that you have never done before.

I believe that you can genuinely love what you do only when you are fully capable of doing it. I am still learning.

During the last year, we have become more of a production business than a sales and marketing business. This needs a leader with completely different characteristics and skills.

Do you have a larger mission?
My personal mission has always been to find solutions and do it in a way that does not harm anything else. 

I believe in our product, I know of no better way to replace plastic straws. Our straws withstand everything and last as long as you want.

What is a goal related to Suckõrs?
That we could offer competition to paper straws in quantity and price. This is the only way our activity can have a palpable benefit to the environment.

What is something you have learned during the process?
I have learned that: 

  1. What you think might not always be the same the clients think. 
    For example, we landed with our reusable straws in the gift and design category. At first, we thought we were heading for the restaurant business. It was also one of the main reasons why we changed our packaging: so the look would match the interior, a resilient product designed by nature.
  1. Not to believe the hype. 
    In the beginning, we were written about a lot, we got a lot of recognition and it all happened organically. When a difficult period arrived, our rear was unprotected. We were blue-eyed thinking that everything flows without obstacles.
  1. Trust yourself and your gut feeling. Generally, it does not let you down!

Thank you Grete for sharing your thoughts with us and if you speak estonian and would love to know more about Grete and her journey, then we recommend you listen to the podcast Täitsa Pekkis where Grete shared her story 👇


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