Switch to reed straws - here’s why

  1. Drop the plastics
    Suckõrs straws are 100% natural and fully biodegradable. By cutting plastic use we can solve pollution and waste related issues. Fly like a bird is no more a good thing to say with the bird’s stomach full of plastics Furthermore we can switch from non-renewable oil sources to the use of renewable raw materials.

  2. Locally sourced
    The straws are made of locally sourced reed, which is abundant and quickly renewable. Local reed cuts the transportation footprint, being even more climate neutral than bamboo and other alternatives. We give additional value to local resources. 

  3. Reusable
    Switching from single-use to reusable is an important step towards reducing environmental impact. The consumption of energy, tools and production-related materials splits in accordance with the product usage time, therefore cutting the impact. 

  4. Visually pleasing
    The straws are decorated with unique patterns which the sun, wind and sea have given them. The looks and high quality will turn a simple detail such as straw into a real eye-candy. The straw feels soft and warm on the lips, contributing into a pleasing and stress-relieving user experience. 

  5. Use durability
    Suckõrs reed straw is perfect for both cold and hot drinks. Even after hours of continuous use the straw will not disintegrate or change the taste of your drinks. No need to worry about paper or pasta straws dissolving in your favourite cocktail. 

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